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Kitchen Team Member

Department: Heart of the House
Location: Killeen, TX

To oversee all food and food preparation environment operations at Chick-fil-A Killeen. To provide

leadership and focus to the kitchen area by putting ideas into action that drive kitchen operations to our

vision. The leader must guide and develop kitchen leadership to assist in turning ideas into action!

Expected Results

- Operate as a partner with assigned Business Unit to ensure high-performance leadership team operations

across all day-parts.

- Supports the Kitchen Supervisor, Manager, and Director in the production of high quality food in a food safe


- Balance between Results (Profit) and Relationships (Store Community)

- Characteristics; Drive, Ownership, Self-motivated, Servant's Mentality, Follow-through, etc.

- Properly resolve concerns brought to the attention of kitchen leadership

- Leads stations to ensure timely work in a clean environment meeting / exceeding Chick-fil-A standards and

expectations with minimal waste or equipment wear and tear.

- Ensures completion of RQA daily

- Ensures completion of Safe Daily Critical during each daypart

- Utilizes appropriate logging system to track waste, quality, cleanliness, etc. (Jolt, Inform, POS)

- Ensures clean is done daily and uses judgement and observation to recognize and address problem or

neglected areas

- Instructs and verifies Kitchen Team Members on proper handwashing procedures on a weekly basis. Tracks

and reports this to the Kitchen Director

- Identifies and conducts training to ensure team members know and understand Chick-fil-A standards and are

adhering / exceeding them at all times

Scorecard (subject to change annually)

- Taste of Food > 80% (Top 20% annual average)

- Food Cost < -.5% of target

- Speed of Service:

- Breakfast: 4 minutes or less

- Lunch: 3 minutes or less

- Afternoon: 4 minutes or less

- Dinner: 3 minutes or less

- ROE (Product / Production Environment): > 90%

- R&M / Kitchen Supplies: < 1% or budget target

- Steritech Visits: >90%

Responsibilities of the Kitchen Leader include-

- Develop and guide the members of the HPLT through weekly meetings/reporting sessions to help them

successfully reach the goals on their scorecard. Specifically, you should be “informed” on…

- Attendance (Call-outs and other time punch issues)

- Key Item Inventory Items

- Food Cost / Waste Control

- Daily Critical Evaluations

- Kitchen CEM’s, staffing, and operational needs specific to the BOH

- Marketing Events that impact operations

- eRQA Evaluations / Results

- Waste reporting and tracking

- Maintain Personal Development Plans (One-on-Ones) for each leader and help develop their leadership skills.

- Take time out of each week for personal development in business and leadership.

- Schedule planning time for store improvement. Though your job is to give freedom and responsibility to upper

level leadership it’s important to do research and planning in these focus areas as well. You might see details

that younger leadership does not.

- Your job is not to always give the answer but ask the right questions and guide your team

towards a new way of thinking.

- Assist HR in sourcing and hiring A-Grade talent as well as firing of team members when need be.

- Support daypart targeted marketing efforts to grow daypart sales

- ServSafe recommended but not required

Typical Spheres of Influence:

• Board: responsible for leading sandwich prep station and boards

o Lean chutes are adhered to, applying common sense exception during exceptional slow or busy times,

in order to limit food waste

o Communicating with breading station to ensure adequate product in a timely manner

o Cleanliness of area

o Maintenance of toasters and refrigeration equipment in assigned area

o Day Dots as appropriate

o Coordinate with front counter, drive thru, and mobile order bagging stations to ensure guest needs are

being met at all times

o Replacement / cleaning of sanitizer water every hour

• Breading / Machines: Responsible for ensuring timely production of protein items in accordance with Lean

Chicken Entrée processes

o Cleanliness of breading table, machines, and floor areas

o Proper stockage and usage of raw chicken items (yellow)

o Replacement / cleaning of sanitizer water every hour

o Rotation / cleaning of pans and utensils every 4 hours

o Cleaning and maintenance of the breading cabinet and refrigeration system

o Pulling and rotting of chicken to meet daily business needs

• Fries / Nuggets / Strips

o Cleanliness of food prep areas

o Soup stock and rotation

o Packaging stock

o Fry Fridge stock, maintenance, and cleanliness

o Fry fryer maintenance

o Ensure timely production of fries, nuggets and strips in accordance with Lean Chicken Entrée and

ordering systems

• Prep:

o Ensure timely production of fresh prep items in accordance with Lean Prep Screens

o Ensure prep table is clean and well maintained, including all filters and shelving

o Ensure bulk produce is ordered according to business needs

o Inspect produce received to ensure it meets quality standards and to coordinate credit for unacceptable


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